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  • new page User blog:Snark19641/The Anatomy of the Human Penis
    posted by Snark19641
    New blog: Know how to erect a penis in public. Copulate! Masturbate! You'll have a stronger penis - just tell all your friends about blowjobbiing!
    Summary: FAR OUT
    Added category: Blog posts
  • new page User blog:Snark19641/Guns May Have Killed People
    posted by Snark19641
    New blog: If guns kill as many people over the next several months of 2015... Fire them Shoot them Pull the trigger Defend your honor
    Summary: Gun control. Take it controversially.
    Added category: Blog posts
  • new page User blog:Snark19641/Who is Ben Carson?
    posted by Snark19641
    New blog: If Dr. Ben Carson were to run for President, what would he do?
    Summary: Dr. Carson's bio on
    Added category: Blog posts
  • new page The Colbert Report
    created by Snark19641
    New page: 04:18 Add Image This is a video article for The Colbert Report series finale. The Colbert Report Series FinaleEdit Watch this video...
    Summary: Farewell, Stephen.
    Added video:


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Interrogation Room is a fact checking wiki created by Mark T. Watson. It features relevant covering all aspects of liberal, conservative and progressive power politics from a statesman's perspective.
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